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July Guest Picks: Kicks with Mario LoConte of ThriftCon

Guest: Mario LoConte, co-founder of ThriftCon

1. KidSuper x Puma Mirage Mox Forever Blue

"Colm (KidSuper) is one of my good homies and one of the most genuine and creative people in fashion right now. I’ve copped at least one pair from all of his drops with Puma, but the Mirage Mox’s have seen the most wear for me. It’s not a shoe that I thought I would have gravitated to as I typically wear more toned down sneakers but this shit goes with everything in my closet [laughs]."

2. Nike SB x Carpet Company

"These were one of the coolest SBs to drop this year in my opinion. I’m a sucker for small details and they really went all out on these. There are hidden hits and details everywhere. Every piece of the shoe was calculated and really thought about."

3. Jordan 4 ‘Oreos’ 1999

"These are one of the only pairs of Jordan’s that I own and wear. I pulled them out of the Goodwill bins for $2; no heel drag or anything. I couldn’t believe it. These aren’t the originals but the retro from 1999, so they still have some history to them and the quality of the leather is unmatched."

4. Spike Lee Dunks

"This is another pair that I thrifted. I got these at the flea market in Denver so I call them my ‘Spike Fleas’ [laughs, also known as the poor man’s Chicago 1s. These virtually look like 1’s aside from the fat Nike hit on the heel (which I love) and they have that good wear on them, the type of shit people are trying to recreate now for the “weathered look”.

5. Madhappy x Vans

"Madhappy just dropped these and they are too clean. The icy waffle sole instead of the typical gum was a crazy swap and the small embroidered details throughout and on the tongue with the hand embroidered feel are fire. I haven’t even gotten a chance to wear them yet and don’t know if I even want to because they look so nice deadstock!"

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