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July Guest Picks: Home with Sylvia Hoang

Guest: Sylvia Hoang, founder of Studio S

1. Bearbrick Figurines

"Bearbrick is for everyone that loves art, fashion and culture. From their "basic" designs to limited edition collaborations, this is a conversation starter and essential piece to elevate your space."

2. Virgil Abloh's Markerad Clock

"With Virgil's iconic quotation marks, this clock is a clean and minimalist design that does not include numbers yet it challenges the notion of function vs. art with this homeware design."

3. Hype Books & Magazines

"Get inspired everyday by having a copy or two of any streetwear related hardcovers in your home. When not in use, it's a perfect coffee table set up for the next reader."

4. Murakami Plush Pillows

"These are more than just flowers. They will brighten up your space and comfort you, with this iconic motif by Murakami nodding towards the history of Japanese culture and art."

5. Studio S Swoosh Incense Holder

"This is a functional art piece, inspired by the swoosh, that could either be used just as decor or to relax your aura with incense sticks."

Check out all of our guest picks for July here and stay tuned to Pier Five for more stories and interviews with the coolest people around.


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