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Pier Five is a platform meant to inspire.


Started through a need to connect, Pier Five was launched after speaking with some great minds in fashion, art, food, and business as a way to find and share creative insights and motivations during the lulls of COVID-19. Through interviews, thought provoking stories and expert recommendations, Pier Five leverages conversations and relationships with industry thought leaders and the next generation of stars to empower those looking to learn and do more in culture.


It's not about who you are, but what you do.


Pier Five aims to give a voice to hustlers, both big and small, that are doing great things in their field. We don't discriminate by age, gender, company status, IG following or experience. If someone is doing something we think is worth sharing, we are going to share it. 

We are always learning, together. 


With every conversation, we are learning and becoming more curious. Do you know about something we might like? Tell us. We believe that the only way to be our best selves is to stay opened minded and communicate. As we learn more, we share more and everyone is better off.

Join us as we explore our favourite things in art, fashion, business, activism, wellness, food, music and more and feel free to drop us a line anytime at or on IG @pier.five.

- Jeff & Julian

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