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Pier Five is a platform meant to inspire.


Started through a need to connect, Pier Five was launched as an interviews platform during the pandemic in 2020 to uncover insights from creative thought leaders and inspire the next generation that is looking to turn their creative passions into a career.

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Pier Five is a platform built to connect.


Now with one of the largest networks of creatives, entrepreneurs and small business owners in Canada (and beyond), Pier Five leverages its connections and expertise to develop insightful content, funding programs and unique experiences to uplift those looking to make their dreams a reality. Gone are the days where being a doctor, lawyer or engineer are the only successful career paths. The sky is truly the limit and Pier Five wants to help everyone get there.

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We are always learning, together. 


With every new meeting and each new conversation, we are learning and becoming more curious about ways to make an impact on our creative entrepreneur community.

Have a story to share or an idea for an event? Send us a message anytime at or on IG @pier.five. We'd love to chat and see how we can work together!

- Jeff & Julian

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