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Tam 1_edited.jpg
Where: Toronto, ON
What: Designer

Having recently relocated from Vancouver, BC to Toronto, TAMS is one of our favourite new local designers. All of her pieces are made using thrifted or upcycled scrap materials and her playful aesthetic is such a breath of fresh air. Making a name for herself with her Challah bag, TAMS has now also expanded into apparel and other accessories, solidifying herself as a well-rounded designer that is here to stay. We got the chance to stop by her studio to catch her working on her grant piece so be sure to swipe through the gallery below and read to learn more.

Why are you excited to be a part of the grant project?

I really like the idea of collectively working together as opposed to competitively. I feel like we're in this world where we are always working  in competition but this grant project is a way to inspire others to come together. You know that if you are a part of this grant or receive the grant, you can then share that energy with others and it will lead to a much better space for creators which we are all striving for.

Can you tell us about the pieces that you've made for the grant?

I am strongly influenced by my heritage and the Challah bag is inspired by Challah bread, coming from my Jewish roots. The bag feels oversized, plush and playful which is a feeling I want all of my pieces to have. Following along the green aesthetic for the collection, I liked the camouflage material because it's a unique type of camouflage print and can allow the wearer to stand out or hide behind it when they need that protection for the day and just want to be in their own world. 

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