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Creators Grant

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About the project

Since day one, Pier Five has striven to inspire and educate its community by sharing insightful conversations with, and the works of, its favourite designers, creators, entrepreneurs and subject matter experts. This year, we are excited to take this a step further with the launch of the Pier Five Creators Grant, a financial grant and mentorship opportunity that will be presented to an emerging creative, selected by both Pier Five and its community. 


To raise funds for this grant, we have collaborated with eight incredible creatives on a capsule collection of limited edition products, from reworked and handmade apparel to home goods and original art works. Before launching the collection, we will spend some time telling the stories of the eight masterminds behind the works and you can read more about them below. The collection will launch for a limited time in early July and all proceeds from the sales will go towards the financial grant which creatives (worldwide) can apply for in August (more on the applications coming soon).

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We are excited to have you along for the journey as we continue to grow this incredible community of designers, artists, entrepreneurs, creators and many others around the world and hope that you can learn something new and maybe even cop something cool along the way!

- Jeff + Julian

Meet The Designers
Click on a designer to learn more.

Shop the Collection (Closed)

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