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Staying Curious With Patrick Stangbye

Photo: Patrick Stangbye & Johannes Rummelhoff

When it comes to the outdoors, there is nobody that we know more adventurous than Patrick Stangbye. Growing up in a small town in Norway, just inches away from the forest, Patrick grew up exploring the woods and the mountains and picked up snowboarding, hiking and trail running, a sport he now pursues professionally. A life outside and curiosities around product and technology led him into the fashion scene and after a number of different roles, landed Patrick the role as Brand Manager for ROA Hiking, one of the hottest brands at the moment amongst both fashion enthusiasts and hikers. We got a chance to catch up with Patrick to chat about all things sports, fashion, gear, entrepreneurship and much more. Scroll below for some of the highlights!


ROA: A Hybrid Brand

  • Oriented around the landscape.

  • Made in the same factories as the best performance footwear.

  • An approach to design unlike than any other.

What does the Brand Manager role entail?

A little bit of everything!

  • Working with the sales team to present new collections

  • Working with the design team on product development that strengthens the brand identity

  • Financial planning assistance

  • Designing campaigns with marketing

  • Coordinating collaborations

"My job is really just to make sure that the brand is always working."

"I'm interested in movement. Many of my learnings are had through connecting with my friends over an activity"

Buying performance gear from performance brands...

"Many times fashion is moving so fast that nothing is ever tested. So, it might be that you're buying €600 trousers from a catwalk brand and the fabric is great...but it's not made to last and also nobody tested to see if that was a fabric that should be used on a trouser.

But this is something you know when you buy something from a climbing brand or something related to an activity. These people needed the stuff to work for them."

The convergence of performance and lifestyle...

Photo: Satisfy Running

On taking your fate into your own hands...

"If you really want to do something, more than anything, be curious. Talk to people. Try to meet people. Try to have a conversation and be openminded. If you really want to make bags and a huge backpack brand is not going to hire you then start making your own backpacks. Buy a sewing machine and learn how to do it. Just got for it because if you believe it, I'm pretty sure you could do it."


Make sure to follow Patrick on Instagram for a sneak peak into all things ROA, gear and trail running and keep it locked to Pier Five for more conversations with the coolest entrepreneurs, designers, artists, activists and more out there.


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