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June Guest Picks: Home with Jon Elias

Guest: Jon Elias of Lost & Found

1. Choemon Cups

"Hand painted Skateboarder and Boombox on Japanese tea cups. Need I say more?"

2. Ratio Eight Pour Over Coffee Machine

"I've been pretty obsessed with this coffee machine for the past year or os. Hand blown glass, no plastic and every single one is hand made in Portland."

3. James Jarvis Teapot

"I grabbed this last year and literally leave it out as a display piece. Haven't made tea in it yet...It's just so amazing to look at [laughs]."

4. Javier Calleja "No Art Here" + Haroshi

"I've been pretty obsessed with Javier Calleja and Haroshi's work of late. Javier Calleja just released a set of Toys about two months ago through the Nanzuka art gallery called No Art Here and Haroshi will be dropping two marble pieces in June that are incredible."

5. AALTO Copper Vase

"This was all my mom. I saw it at her house and wanted to add it to our collection at home. Part of a limited series done by Aalto."

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