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Embracing Impermanence With Sandro Petrillo of SSSOAPS

Very few things in life last forever but while many try fiercely to hold on, Sandro Petrillo, Canadian DJ, artist and entrepreneur, has learned to find beauty in the impermanence end enjoy the ride. After a period of burnout and time to reevaluate his work habits, Sandro developed and launched his new venture, SSSOAPS, a premium soap brand that encompassed everything that he loved; shape, colour, smell, tactile experience, and every-changing energy (something he grew fond of with music development). We got the chance to chat with Sandro about his journey with SSSOAPS and pocketed a few gems that he had to share throughout the chat. Check them out below!


Sandro on Embracing Impermanence

In many of the artworks or the creative practices that I lean into, I love the idea of impermanence. I love the idea that what we encounter in our daily life and beyond is truly impermanent. Everything at a certain time will be here, and then it will not and I think getting to know those things and getting to be comfortable with those things and that sort of measure of time and connection to things is really a beautiful connection to the way that we live. Soap, and the time period in which soap disappears and changes form, is very indicative of that transfer of energy in impermanence.

Sandro on Trying New Things

I'm a very big believer in that life happens for us, not to us. When we have opportunities in life that are challenging, those are opportunities for us to learn and to grow with. Don't be afraid to learn. Don't be afraid to spend a little bit of money and time to try things out.

Sandro on Learning To Let Go

In this day and age, you will encounter so many opportunities, so many potential lanes to go down, so many new ideas that take you down a different path. I think while that is the case, further sharpening your non-attachment will be a huge tool in making sure that you can maintain your work and stay focused. Understand that, while it's great to have ideas and new experience things, it's important to consider all of that in your calculation of what is your capacity and what you can get done. Then, on top of that, learn to let go of things and understand that you don't have to do everything.

Sandro on Scaling With Intention

When the opportunity to scale comes, really lean into your intention behind what you're trying to build. It's something you need to be careful of because you can turn it [the business] into a bit of a monster. Like, you can turn it into this thing that you once loved and now fear and resent. Scaling is the inevitability of a business's trajectory but I think it's something to be really mindful of and really careful with. Think about why are you going there, why do you want to move in that direction and what is it going to take to move in that direction.


Make sure to follow SSSOAPS on Instagram to get info on Sandro's latest drops and keep it locked to Pier Five for more conversations with creative entrepreneurs.


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