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Continuing The Legacy With Nick Vo

We are thrilled to award Nick Vo of @nicksjewellery as the recipient of the first ever Pier Five Creators Grant! Nick’s story was one that really inspired us and resonated with our story and the story of so many other young creatives that we know. In just a short time, Nick has helped elevate the wonderful jewellery shop that his parents started 20 years ago, becoming a staple in Toronto for creative communities to connect over beautiful (and often custom) jewellery. With the money from the grant, Nick hopes to bring in new machinery that will increase the capabilities of the shop and the level of service that he can provide to the shop’s clients.

We spoke to Nick about his aspirations for the business, the importance of his community in what he does and the type of mark he hopes to leave on his family when it's all said and done.


Continuing the family legacy.

My biggest inspiration is my parents. They're the ones who raised me and it's my time to give back to them and to take care of them. They've been through a lot. They sacrificed a lot and it's now my turn to both elevate the business and also carry on the family legacy.

My grandparents were jewellers. My parents are jewellers and now I'm the next generation to do it.

We all eat together.

I hope to create opportunities for my friends and family. I want them to eat with me and I want them to always stay hungry. I think that if I'm able to help myself and love myself, I'll be able to do the same for them. It's a two-way street and I really hope to create every opportunity for them.

Collaboration is key.

I think the key to success is working with others and collaborating. With jewellery and other mediums, we all intersect. I think the best way to win is to work with each other and uplift each other. It's important to support those who are around you and who are in your network and that will allow you to grow and expand your network. There needs to be more love in the world and we need to support each other more.

The future of Nick's Jewellery.

My long term vision for Nick's Jewellery is to make it a hotspot in Toronto. Just like when you go to New York, you go to different jewellery shops like Popular Jewellery and New Top Jewellery. I want it to be that when people come to Toronto, they make a pit stop at Nick's Jewellery. I want it to be a space where different creators and consumers - anyone from any walk of life - can come in and work together and be able to purchase jewellery. I want it to be like a studio and a jewellery shop at the same time.


Thank you to everyone who supported the Pier Five Creators Grant! We could not be happier with how everything rolled out and are so happy to be able to have presented Nick with $3,000 to help take his business to the next level. Make sure to check out Nick's Jewellery on Instagram and stop by the shop if you're in Toronto!


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