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A Conversation With Tristan Banning

Tristan Banning is a leader in spreading culture. In 2008 he founded Sidewalk Hustle, a music podcast which has since transformed Canada's premier media platform for all things music, fashion, food and art. When he's not overseeing interviews with some of the worlds leading musicians and designers, Tristan is probably cooking up the next stellar fit pic or adding to his more tan impressive collection of rare Supreme accessories.


From Ziplock bags to Oreos and ping pong paddles, you’re known to be an avid Supreme accessories collector. What are your top 5 Supreme accessories that you own or really want?

LOL oh man! Well that all happened by accidentally tbh. I started collecting as kind of a reverse collector, meaning, I really like coffee, and I really like ramen (for example) so when I saw the supreme coffee mugs or the ramen noodle bowl I was like “I want that 😍😍”. So if I were to list my top 5 it would go like this (in no particular order):

Honorable Mentions:

Although phone cameras are essentially pocket-sized DSLR’s these days, you’re an advocate for film photography. What are 5 tips for anyone looking to shoot with film?

Woof… good question.

One reason I like film so much is that it’s not instant. In a world of instant gratification we want to take a picture, post it on social and get the likes right away. It spikes our endorphins and makes us happy but also makes us want more. You take a 100 pics and then pic which one you like the most from that and edit it or what have you.

With film, you need to slow down. You need to consider framing, lighting and distance to subject. You need to hold still, you need to breathe. Then after that you need to wait to take the film in, develop it and then see if any of the pics worked. So you need to have confidence in yourself and what you’re doing. And sometimes it still doesn’t work out. But then at least you learned something.

So my advice...

  1. Get a cheap film camera, a disposable from the local drug store and head out and shoot.

  2. Shoot. Shoot. Shoot.

  3. Then learn from your shots.

  4. If you dig the process and the outcome you can start looking for “better” cameras on eBay or in film photography groups.

  5. Enjoy the ride. It’s a pretty fun journey if you’re down.

In addition to Supreme, you’re a big sneaker collector. What are 5 sneakers you couldn’t ever live without?

You know the funny thing is I love sneakers and as a result I guess I’m a collector. But I don’t really identify that way because I like to wear my sneakers. So I don’t buy or keep (if gifted) sneakers I won’t wear.

So my favourites are…

  1. My Nike Air Max 1 bespoke’s I made at 21 Mercer NikeLab. They are literally 1 of 1 and are my dream shoe.

  2. Atmos Elephant Air Max

  3. Adidas Ultraboost v1 or Ultra 4D v1

  4. Yeezy 700 Waverunner

  5. Rhude Vans Old skool / Converse chuck taylor Oxfords.


  • Anything in a low with safari print.

  • A classic white Air Force 1

  • The puma Thunder Spectra

  • Jordan 1 Low

2020’s been a crazy year. What are your 5 favourite moments in pop-culture from this past year?

To me, there were 4 that stole the show...

I liked when Travis Scott performed in Fortnite not because it was an amazing performance or anything but because it changed the dichotomy on how we consume entertainment. Someone (Travis?) understood where his audience is.

Strangely the release of The Last Dance, The Michael Jordan documentary. For me it was cool to see the whole world, give or take, finally get to experience the magic that was Michael Jordan. To understand why he is part of the cultural lexicon. I am old, so I watched Michael play in his prime, so even I got to learn something that I didn’t know about. It was cool to see everyone talking about it together.

I also really enjoyed when Post Malone did a live concert from his house that was all covers of Nirvana. For many this was probably the first time they actually heard Nirvana songs, plural. And it opened that music up to a new fan base. And it’s always nice to see artists re-interpret and interpret their influences.

I also enjoyed when everyone all of a sudden started playing Animal Crossing, and you would see fashion brands making clothes for the game, record labels etc. Even my mom was playing.

Who have been your 5 favourite interviews that you’ve ever conducted?

In my travels and adventures I have had the chance to interview a lot of people who I respect and admire. Although I have personally taken a step away from the interviewing, I have found that I am still meeting and talking to people, a little less this year. But last year I was on a preview of an art exhibit in Brooklyn and in the preview I talked to the guy giving us the tour. He gave me a lot of insight into the art and we started talking. I came back the next day to get a tattoo from a well know Brooklyn artist, and while getting the tattoo we talked about how he ended up here. It was a fascinating story that really delved into his experience but also the experience of many around him. It was great. While he was working on my tattoo a member of the band Blink 180 showed up, I also talked to artist Shepard Fairey. So while those aren’t interviews I have had the privilege of talking to and meeting some incredible people.

When I was interviewing:

  • Travis Scott (7 years ago)

  • Bloc Party

  • Foals

  • Felipe Pantone (Artist)

  • Tinashe

  • Mayer Hawthorne

  • Cut Copy

Finally, this is an important one for us, what are 5 tips for conducting a great interview? ...maybe we should have asked this first [laughs].

Ha! Easy.

  1. Do a little research (which you did)

  2. Actively listen

  3. Actively respond. That will make for a good interview.

  4. HOWEVER, the real trick is, if possible, try to get in there and do a little small talk with the person to help break the ice and make it more conversational. Like how a comedian as someone “warm up the room” first. Or an opening act at a concert.

  5. Do your best to make a personal connection.


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