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A Conversation With Sean Go

Sean Go is a Toronto raised content creator with a passion for sneakers, basketball and photography; a perfect trio for the modern Torontonian. Sean's sneaker photography has been featured on a number of publications and his YouTube channel is one of the go-to's for in depth sneaker reviews.


We see new kicks on your channel all the time. What are the top 5 in your rotation right now?

If we're talking about what I'm actually wearing these days I'd go with Black Cement 3, New Balance 992 Grey, Nike Air Max 1 Anniversary White/Red, Collegium Destroyer High "Avio" and the Nike Dunk Low "Brazil".

Top 5 favourites of all time would be White Cement 3, Concord 11, Chicago 1, Infrared Air Max 90 and White Cement 4 probably.

Your known for taking some of the best and most unique sneaker pics on insta. What tips can you give for someone looking to up their sneaker pic game?

  1. Lighting is key. Play around with different types of lighting to be comfortable shooting in various conditions (sunny, cloudy, indoors with flash, etc.)

  2. Environment plays a huge part in the photo. Learning to utilize backgrounds and props to add to the flavour of the photo really allows your photos to stand out.

  3. Develop a "style". Consistency is huge, as it allows people to see your personality and flare through your photos.

  4. While a nice camera is great, learning to edit your photos is half the battle. I personally use Adobe Lightroom and finish it up with Photoshop, but whatever program you feel most comfortable with, play around with it and see how it can elevate your shots.

  5. Have fun! Do it for the passion and the genuine love of it, and keep shooting for the right reasons.

While many know you for your IG posts, you have nearly 3x the following on YouTube. What are 5 things you love or hate about YouTube?

  • YouTube's a great way to express yourself and generate income in a way that photographs on Instagram don't allow.

  • You can find videos on pretty much anything you want to see or learn about.

  • The audience-base is very supportive and shows you a ton of love if they appreciate your work.


  • It's much more of a challenging and time consuming medium than Instagram.

  • The anonymity of it allows for a lot of troll comments that you have to learn to ignore.

So with all that being said, who are your 5 favourite sneaker YouTubers right now?


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