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A Conversation With Cereal Artist

Cereal Artist has made a name for herself with her impressive sneaker and streetwear inspired sculptures. Coming off of strong collaborations with Footlocker and the mecca of footwear brands, Nike, Cereal Artist is taking the design scene by storm and crafting some of the coolest, functional, pieces for the streets.


As someone who has turned DIY into a career, what are 5 do's or don'ts when starting to "do-it-yourself"?


  1. Definitely start things off easy depending on your technical skills, whether its a simple silhouette or even just sewing straight lines until they're perfected.

  2. Don't copy others. Practice a lot and find different ways to make things work until you develop your own flair.

  3. Nobody gets it perfect on the first go so don't stress the errors too much.

  4. Don't spend too much money up front.

  5. Don't think too far ahead. Focus on your current progress and have fun!

We love the sneaker-made bags and hats. What are 5 other garments you'd like to make out of sneakers next?

It's not 5 but I've got 4 key categories I'm going to be working on.

  • Clothing pieces

  • Definitely some other accessories

  • Wall art

  • Art decor

There's a lot to choose from but can you rank your top 5 creations you've ever made?

  1. Mc'Nike Set

  2. Jelly Dunk

  3. Shoe Bag

  4. Shoe Hat

  5. NikebyYou

With all the creativity going around Instagram these days, who are 5 other DIY artists that you're into?

And last but not least, you've spoken out about the importance of mental health. With such a busy career, what are 5 steps you take to maintaining good mental health?

  1. More work isn't always better. Don't force yourself to take jobs that don't feel right.

  2. Connect and socialize with other likeminded creators.

  3. Don't consume too much social media.

  4. Don't worry about others. Do things at your own pace.


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