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Tory Van Thompson
Where: New York, NY
What: Designer

Tory Van Thompson, aka the workwear-master has been a household name in the world of New York designers for many years. With a decade of experience working with clothing under his belt, Tory has done a little bit of everything, from graphics to Japanese selvedge and now reworking Dickies and vintage denim to create unique silhouettes that you can't find anywhere else. We came across his work a while back and were very excited to get him involved in this project. Following up from our team jackets made last December, we knew Tory would be the perfect person to finish off the fit with his reworked 2Tone Dickies pants using the iconic 'Lincoln Green' colourway.

Why are you excited to be a part of the grant project?

This project is very unique and not like anything that I have been a part of before. I am excited to be able to help offer young creatives opportunities that I never had when I was coming up as a designer. It doesn't always take a lot to support others. Every bit helps and I know how much of a difference that can make for someone so I had to take advantage of the chance to be a part of this.

tvt 2.jpg

Can you tell us about the pieces that you've made for the grant?

The pairs I made for the grant are done using my original 2Tone shape which swaps out the back of the pants for a secondary colourway. I wanted to keep it simple. We used the Dickies 'Lincoln Green' colourway as the base since that's the Pier Five brand colour and matched it with a classic black to make these pants really stand out but also be subtle at the same time. You can rock these all summer long and also have them as your go-to in the fall and winter.

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