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Where: Vancouver, BC
What: Designer

Tom Robinson is the brain behind Thheme, an independent brand focused on making premium quality headwear, based out of Vancouver, BC. All of Tom's hats, from the crown to the brim, are made by hand using deadstock and reclaimed materials. His intent is to bring life to fabrics that may have been overlooked or sitting around awaiting their disposal to the landfill. We came across Tom through some local connections and were immediately obsesses with his work, knowing that we had to bring him in to make something special for the grant project.

Why are you excited to be a part of the grant project?

I think it’s a great opportunity to showcase creators and local talent throughout Canada and beyond. This in turn gives emerging makers/creators an avenue to see that starting your own business is a possibility and can be done with the help of this grant. It could be the little jumpstart that you’re in need of to get your business off the ground. 

thheme 2_edited.jpg

Can you tell us about the pieces that you've made for the grant?

These hats were a collaborative effort with Pier Five to showcase the diversity of reused materials and fall in line with a fun summer aesthetic using greens which are the Pier five colour palette. We pulled a mix of plaid, cotton and canvas, corduroy, suede and leather for these ones; really taking the material mix to the next level. The red button up top is my signature and I think it adds a nice hit of colour and contrast to these caps.

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