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David 'LeBicar' Bicari
Where: Montreal, QC
What: Visual Artist / Painter

David Bicari, aka LeBicar, is a Montreal based visual artist who "works in black and white and draws flowers for a living". Lebicar has been a friend of Pier Five for over a year since meeting in Montreal last summer where a 1-hour studio visit turned into an entire day of eating, drinking, exploring art around the city and partying at the Mural Festival concert. Read more about that here. We are big fans of David's simple and playful line drawings and are excited to have his original works as a part of the grant collection.

Why are you excited to be a part of the grant project?

I think the grant is a great way to create opportunities for the younger generation of creatives. I am really excited to be a role model to some and any time that I can use my efforts to help empower or lift others, I am all for it. Hopefully this can help shine some light on other young artist and give them the tools they need to grow.


Can you tell us about the pieces that you've made for the grant?

The series I made for this project is about collaboration and giving back. You can see a big flower with a smaller one on the side. It's a little like the big and little brother relationship. I also made a design for the prints featuring Bloom, my little character, watering a plant. It's the idea of growth and giving someone the chance to evolve and live out their dreams.

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