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A Conversation With Aran Raviandran of Get Fresh Company

Aran Raviandran is the Creative Director and Strategist for Canadian streetwear brand Get Fresh Company. Aran is an expert in style and collaborations and has been at the frontlines of special projects with organizations like Puma, Remy Martin and The Toronto Raptors as well as the City of Toronto for the annual Caribana Block Party which brings over a million people into the city.


Aran great to chat again! Canada has been a melting pot for creatives and new brands lately. Who are 5 designers or brands that you're really excited about right now?

So much great talent out there and I'm really feeling:​

It seems like lately inspiration has been harder and harder to come by with the lockdown but where are 5 places in Toronto that you go to get inspired?

Honestly it’s hard to pin-point one single place, let alone 5 [laughs]. The city is so diverse and everywhere has something unique to offer from east to west. I will say any Hookah bar is a good start. I’ve done some of my best scheming’ there!

Even though we're not getting out much, fashion trends are definitely still coming and going? What are the trends you're really feeling these days?

Staying in has changed what I'm into for sure but I’ll forever love a comfortable fashion trend. No matter how fly it looks, If I don’t feel comfortable I don’t want it. We've been putting out some new sweats lately that are perfect!

What are 5 things that are key to building a brand in Toronto?

Have an end vision and don’t veer from it

Only pivot when absolutely necessary - this doesn’t mean pivot on the vision, more so on how to get there.

Build a strong team / network

Listen to your customers, we live in a end user society.

Truly love what you’re building or else it’s not going to happen.

Lastly, we've been seeing some unreal photoshoots from GFC and would love to know, what are 5 tips to a successful fashion photoshoot?

  1. Lint roller

  2. Give yourself more than enough time

  3. Prep your key shots ahead of time

  4. Create a pose board / vision board

  5. Have a good playlist ready to bump


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