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Cereal Artist
Where: Toronto, ON
What: Designer / Artist

Vivian Huang is a Toronto-based artist, inspired by sneakers and streetwear, who creates fun and functional accessories and garments using sneaker parts and other interesting materials. Vivian was one of Pier Five's first guests on the platform in 2021 and so it only felt right that she be a part of the Pier Five Creators Grant. We are lucky enough to have two amazing items from Cereal Artist for this collection, including one of her staple card holders and a never before seen side bag made from a Croc clog. 

Read the Pier Five interview with Cereal Artist here

Why are you excited to be a part of the grant project?

I think it's great that Pier Five is creating opportunities to showcase local creatives and use that to also create opportunities for emerging artists. I am always excited to get involved with the community and this project gave me an opportunity to think out of the box on some new product concepts as well which I was excited about.

cereal 1.jpg

Can you tell us about the pieces that you've made for the grant?

For the Pier Five grant, I really wanted to create something new and unique that hasn't really been done before. For the main piece, I chose Crocs because I've never worked with that brand before and I thought it would be fun to turn it into a bag which looks great but is not what it's actually made for at all. For me, it's all about being fun and getting creative. The Card Holder is something I've done before but I always love using new sneakers and materials and the Puma Suede in green was a perfect fit for the collection.

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