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Who: Jannine Rane
Where: Toronto, ON
Instagram / Website

Zing works in collaboration with diverse Canadian chefs and food creators to bottle their secret sauces for home cooks. Their sauces and seasonings are designed to be “pantry shortcuts” —  home cooks can add Zing to ANY protein, vegetable or starch to create meals with globally inspired, restaurant quality flavour in minutes, minus the effort. Zing currently has a portfolio of nine distinct products representing creators, cuisines and cultures from around the world (e.g. an Indo-Chinese Chili Crisp inspired by Toronto’s Hakka diaspora, a garam masala with Persian influences etc.) that are made with premium, “real” ingredients and are sourced from Canadian suppliers wherever possible.

How will you use the $10,000 CAD for your business?

Zing has a new, exciting product release on the horizon, slated for summer of 2024 with two well known Toronto food personalities. We will use a portion of this funding to support our public Test Kitchen innovation process that involves community testing product prototypes. To elaborate: a part of our unique value proposition and one of our values as a company is to build “in community” — this means all our unreleased product formulations go through rigorous public testing with input from REAL consumers and tastemakers; we iterate until we have a “community approved” product recipe that we ultimately release to virtual and IRL shelves. It's a lot of fun, and it helps us minimize the bias in our work, while de-risking products before they release.


Remaining funds will be used to support Zing’s goal of becoming B Corporation certified, including anticipated certification and consulting fees.

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What is your big goal for the future of the business?

Over the next five years, our goal is to be available in every major Canadian city, and have a presence in every province and territory. We are also working towards expanding our presence internationally, in the USA to start, where we already have a growing grassroots community of independent retailers stocking and championing our products. Today, we manufacture, warehouse, and ship entirely out of Toronto; we hope that in three to fiveyears we would be able to set up a presence in the USA to capture margin efficiencies and lower our cost of acquiring new customers in the region.

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