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Who: Linda Biggs
Where: Victoria, BC
Instagram / Website

Joni is building an ecosystem of accessible period care. While reusable products are incredible, not everyone can use them or wants to use them. Therefore, disposable options will always be needed. Knowing this, Joni set out to make the most sustainable disposable option on the market and launched bamboo pads that are plastic-free packaged in a certified compostable wrapper. Furthermore, the brand has developed one of the most innovative period care dispensers on the market disrupting a billion-dollar monopolized industry. Outdated, broken, and empty dispensers found in public washrooms across Canada are a problem when 87% of people who menstruate are caught off guard and 37% of them end up leaving school or work to find a solution. Through its product offerings, Joni has created a fully turn-key commercial period care solution for hundreds of organizations across the country.

To-date, Joni has also donated over 120,000 period care products and supported over 80,000 people who menstruate with access to a product they might otherwise go without.

How will you use the $10,000 CAD for your business?

We’re currently developing a new version of our commercial dispenser and are working with organizations, facilities, and universities to create a modern and innovative option. This dispenser will have incredible new features  and we would use $10,000 to help us finish our research and development, in the hopes of bringing the product to market in 1H 2024.

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What is your big goal for the future of the business?

My goal is to expand Femtech innovation in Canada. Femtech is a USD 30-billion-dollar industry worldwide, yet there has been very little investment and innovation in Canada. We want to change that for 30% of the population that menstruates. The largest check ever written in support of FemTech innovation in Canada was $1.5MM - we want to break that record by investing in R&D to create more innovative solutions for Canadians in the next three to five years. Essentially, we want to make Joni period care just as accessible as toilet paper.

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