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Who: Jessica Miao & Chloe Beaudoin
Where: Toronto, ON
Instagram / Website

Apricotton is a Toronto-based teen bra brand that helps girls feel confident in their first bra. The brand is the only bra brand globally that designs bras that grow as the girl grows, lasting multiple stages of puberty. This means that you can wear the same bra when you develop from an AA to a D cup! 


The story of Apricotton started when Jessica took her 12-year-old sister, Cindy, bra shopping but struggled to find options that fit her body type. The mature lingerie stores and intimidating sales associates made Cindy feel uncomfortable. To make matters worse, the only bras that were suitable for her age group were the smallest sized sports bras. 90% of girls feel uncomfortable and intimidated when buying their first bra. Every girl wears a bra, so why is it such a struggle to find a perfect fit at traditional lingerie or department stores?

What are you using the $10,000 fund for?

Half of the $10,000 in funding is being used to grow our community through professional content creation and the other half to conduct product development to launch our next adjustable bra line. We have seen great success with content creators supporting our platform and helping to build our community and that has been a big focus to help build Apricotton’s awareness for teens through our community. As the community grows, having more products to offer them will also be important. We have also begun working on our next 3 bra launches which has always helped to increase order value with our customers. 


"It can be really difficult as founders to meet other incredible entrepreneurs. The priceless experience helped us meet so many other incredible women small business founders."


"We think the future of small business in Canada is forward-thinking, with ambitious people."

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