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U Grow Girl
Who: Crystal Wood & Leha Marshall
Where: Kelowna, BC
Instagram / Website

U Grow Girl is a family-run flower farm located in Salmon Arm, BC (between Kelowna and Kamloops) that is dedicated to providing beautiful, locally grown flowers to the community. The farm grows seasonal flowers with a purpose - to support women who have survived child sexual abuse. Sales from each bouquet of flowers helps fund the "Time To Heal" clinically supervised retreat, which provides education, connection, and support needed to help survivors heal and reclaim their power.

How will you use the $10,000 CAD for your business?

One of the main uses for the fund is to increase the size of our “Bucket Program”, a tap-and-go flower sale service hosted in local shops that has significantly accelerated the growth of our business, by allowing customers to quickly make flower purchases on the fly.


The rest of the fund would go towards infrastructure support on our Grey Water Initiative, an environmental project that helps collect and reuse water that has been used for plant growth. Finally, we would also use the funds for our website development, specifically for our online artisan marketplace that we’re excited to launch soon.

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What is your big goal for the future of the business?

Our vision is to become the go-to of the floral industry in Canada, establishing a nationwide collective of local flower farms. We aim to make U Grow Girl synonymous with community empowerment, sustainability, and support for survivors of child sexual abuse. We will strive to expand our retreats, offering a sanctuary to countless survivors, and fostering an environment of healing and hope on a national scale.

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