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Rise Arts Co.
Who: Shivani Sen
Where: Vancouver, BC
Instagram / Website

Founded in 2021 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Rise Arts Company strives to offer a fun, lively & professional training environment. Shivani is committed to providing world-class training by passionate and experienced faculty to constantly heighten not only Rise Arts Co's student’s skills, growth and love for the arts, but both soft and technical hard skills used in everyday life. A key goal at Rise is to provide a safe, welcoming and accepting space for all aspiring artists to step out of their comfort zones & be themselves! Although Rise is an arts company offering programs in both visual and performing arts, Shivani loves watching all Rise students grow with excellence as artists and most importantly, as people in her community. She hopes to provide a space where artists of all levels are able to find a creative outlet to pursue their passions for the arts.

If chosen to receive the $10,000 fund, what would you use it for?

I would use the money towards hiring my first ever employee. I am at a time of growth in my company where I have the opportunity to start offering more classes and scale to different parts of the lower mainland, but I need more support to be able to do so. Of course, all of us can only be at one place at a time! I would love the opportunity to grow a team of passionate, experienced staff who have a love for the fine arts and find joy in spreading their love through teaching. This would further support the goals of providing the experience of fine arts to more children and youth across the Greater Vancouver area.

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What is one of your goals for 2023?

One goal for the business in 2023 is to provide a special experience for children and youth by offering a unique, adventurous, art based summer camp throughout the months of July and August. Summer camps are a very memorable experience that children keep with them throughout their teenage years and even into adulthood. It is a space for them to create meaningful friendships, while developing and learning fine arts skills!

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Why do you think you deserve to receive this fund?

I believe I deserve to receive this funding because of the impact I can have with it, primarily on at-risk children and youth who could benefit greatly from being in our programs. Throughout the short years I have been in business, I have been fortunate enough to meet the most incredible youth who face a number of struggles in their personal lives. As my team scales, it will be a goal to offer scholarship programs, allowing these youth to attend our classes free of cost. This could have a major impact on youth in the greater Vancouver area, serving as a creative outlet they could express themselves in and stay safe. This is the kind of uplifting and change I want to have through Rise; a mission that I think makes me deserving of this fund.

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