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A Conversation With Tara Miller of Health Hut

Tara Miller is a Certified Nutritionist, Intuitive Eating Counsellor and Diet Recovery Coach, as well as an advocate of the Anti-Diet movement. Through her experiences in nutrition and healthy living, she founded Health Hut, one of Toronto's premier destinations for the best health and wellness products. Tara has taken a kinder approach towards promoting health, emphasizing the importance of pleasure, flexibility and autonomy in your individual journey.


A lot of people see dieting as a way to become “healthier” or more “fit” but you are an anti-diet nutritionist. What are 5 common misconceptions or things people should understand before looking at dieting as a solution?

  1. Diets don’t work. We as humans are not hardwired for restriction.

  2. Diets interfere with our innate ability to feed and care for ourselves by ignoring our inner cues and desires. When we look outside ourselves for answers on how to eat, it is not an enjoyable or sustainable practice.

  3. Restriction increases our desire for “forbidden” or “off limit” foods. It also causes that “out of control” feeling that is just a reaction to deprivation, but often deemed a moral failing or lack of willpower.

  4. Diets come at a cost to other areas of our life like mental and emotional health.

  5. Dieting won’t make you more “healthy” or fit, especially since they can not be sustained. Eating more veggies can positively contribute to health, as well engaging in movement you enjoy will help improve fitness levels. Consider the actions that are more directly related to your goals, adding in rather than taking away, and listening to your body as you go.

Besides the HH Blog, what are 5 books or blogs that have great information about nutrition and healthy living that people should check out?

What are 5 easy things people can do at home to help with their mental health and wellness?

  1. Get to know yourself. Ask questions and get curious - what do you need more/less of?

  2. Replace your critical voice with a compassionate one (this gets easier with practice)

  3. Stop comparing yourself to others, embrace your uniqueness

  4. Try seeing the glass as half full

  5. Find pleasure in the mundane

We of course have to ask, as a nutritionist, what are five of your favourite foods?

  1. Pizza with pineapple

  2. A leafy salad with radicchio, greens, lots of herbs tossed with a garlicky vinaigrette

  3. Cheese, crackers and olives

  4. Chocolate, banana and peanut butter smoothies

  5. Pasta (all types!)​

The story of selling products out of an old Ice Cream Hut is so fun! We know this might be tricky but can you break down, in 5 steps, how you made the big leap from Ice Cream Hut to Downtown Toronto shop?

  1. Slow and steady! We have made lots of small moves over the past ten years to get to where we are now.

  2. An AMAZING team of people

  3. Consistent hard work

  4. A supportive customer base and community

  5. Staying positive :)

Small business shoutout time! What are 5 great lunch spots in Toronto that everyone should know about?

  1. Bar Isabel has a great fixed price lunch right now!

  2. Daily Dumpling Wonton Co is amazing. Their vegan dumplings are an HH staff favourite! You have to try their chilli oil, too.

  3. Barocco Nino for delicious pizza, Italian sandwiches and cannoli

  4. Sunshine Market makes great smoothies, veggie heavy wraps and sandwiches

  5. Harry Charbroiled - The Classic Jane burger is another staff fave


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