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A Conversation With Obra.Jay

Jonathan Rodriguez is the creator behind Obra.Jay, a creative outlet focused on vintage sneakers, fashion & DIY streetwear with a quickly growing, international audience. Coming off the recent release of his 1.0 Obra.Jay sneaker, Jon is making a big splash in the game and when he's not designing, collecting vintage kicks or vetting IG fit-pics, Jon is also a wedding photographer and barista in his home town of Albuquerque, NM.


As a leader in fit-pic curation, what are 5 of the hottest poses right now for a great pic?

  1. The leg cross

  2. Hands together or crossed arms with a nice slouch

  3. Leg up with foot on the side of the wall

  4. The “candid” walk pose

  5. Straight up model shot with the face mask. A big one during these times!

What are your top 5 sneaker silhouettes of all-time?

  1. Jordan 1

  2. Air Force 1

  3. Nike Dunk (High or Low - both are perfect)

  4. Converse Chuck Taylor High (Old model)

  5. New Balance 990 (any version!)

Once COVID lightens up and we can travel again, where would you love to travel to?

​I'd love to spend a summer in New York. Just do the NY thing! I also have some friends living in Madrid, Spain so I'd love to get out there to see them. Iceland is beautiful. I'd love to shoot some landscapes out there. The Swiss alps would be sweet too and then of course, I'd love to go to Japan to experience the fashion, food and sneaker culture out there!

If you could only have 5 shoes for the rest of your life, what would they be?

  1. Jordan 1 1985 'Neutral Grey'

  2. Nike Dunk High 'Neutral Grey' (with a blueish tint)

  3. Any grey New Balance model

  4. Nike Air Force 1 w/ the green Swoosh

  5. Jordan 1 1985 'Black/White'

Lastly, we know the culture's changing all the time but what are 5 trends you love or hate in sneaker culture right now?

​I LOVE that the faded/worn look is in. Vintage tees, worn shoes and painter pants.

I HATE the resell market. I'm a part of it but hate that I have to be.

I HATE bots (but can't say I haven't tried checking it out.

I LOVE the bootleg Jordans trend. It's such a fun way to mix things up.

I LOVE & HATE the popularity of dunks. Love it because I love dunks. hate it because prices are going crazy!


For more on Obra.Jay, check out his Instagram and keep it locked to Pier Five for more interviews and stories with the coolest entrepreneurs, designers, artists, activists and more.


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