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Parkerview Brews Kombucha
Who: Amy Kaban
Where: Saskatoon, SK
Instagram / Website

In 2017, only a handful of kombucha brands were available in grocery stores. After trying all the kombucha Amy could get her hands on with little satisfaction, her natural inclination was to create her own! The goal was to brew kombucha that tasted better than existing ones - less tangy (vinegary), lightly sweetened, bubbly - and to incorporate local ingredients from Saskatchewan growers. Together with her husband, she began experimenting and created a kombucha that was better than any other brand she had tried previously. Today, Parkerview Brews Kombucha is the largest commercial kombucha brewery in Saskatchewan and can be found in 200+ stores across the province. The brand also has their own cafes and e-commerce making them a go-to destination for all things kombucha. Parkerview Brews is known for making kombucha that simply tastes great - it's sparkling, balanced in flavour and uses unique Saskatchewan ingredients like Saskatoon berries, sour cherries and chaga mushrooms. The business also supports local charities that help provide at-risk youth and families with food throughout the year.

How has the Mastercard x Pier Five Small Business fund helped you?

Being a recipient of the Mastercard x Pier Five Small Business Fund has been a game change for our business. The $10,000 injection has allowed us to scale and get into canning, which has been a huge goal of ours.  Having the opportunity to meet other women entrepreneurs has been amazing and also to get to meet with experts in their fields, providing us with advice and motivation and connecting us with resources is just the cherry on top.


"When we support other small businesses, we are supporting our local economy. When customers support me, I'm able to then put my kids into another program or course that is being run by a small business owner, which is a beautiful thing."

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