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Guests On Earth
Who: Jackie Prince & Liz Drayton
Where: Toronto, ON
Instagram / Website

Guests on Earth is counter-worthy home care that feels like self-care, and cares for the planet. The brand launched their first products in 2022, an All-Purpose Cleaner, Foaming Hand Soap and Waffle Cleaning Cloths with the vision to build and lead in a new category of Home and Planetary Wellness.


In only a year and half, Guests On Earth has won numerous awards, generated thousands of new customers and is selling in over 20 retailers across Ontario. Guests On Earth was also recently certified a B Corporation, meaning it meets the highest standards of social and environmental impact and is dedicated  to creating a positive effect on the world beyond financial gain.

How will you use the $10,000 CAD for your business?

The funding would go towards the production and marketing of our new product launch in Q1 of 2024. We have some really incredible ideas on how to effectively bring our new launch to life and the funds would enable us to enhance our production capabilities. With this launch, we hope to cover more touchpoints in our customers’ homes allowing them to live their best “clean” life.

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What is your big goal for the future of the business?

Our big goal is to develop a robust hospitality strategy for the brand. We want to get our products into vacation rentals, yoga studios, and restaurants. These are spaces where customers can become aware of the brand while trying our product. It would be a new channel for us and will take time to learn and build. We are currently testing the market with sampling but hospitality could be an incredible catalyst for mass sustainable expansion in the years to come.

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