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Who: Andrea Grand & Katie Fielding
Where: Toronto, ON
Instagram / Website

Barbet was born out of a real need by sisters Andrea & Katie. When Barbet co-founder, Katie, who has epilepsy suffered from a seizure in March of 2020, she decided to go 0% ABV for a period of time. She didn't miss drinking, but she did miss the connection and feeling of inclusivity that came along with it. All the good times when friends came together to share a drink didn't have the same sparkle because the zero-alcohol options at the time lacked the same magic as their alcoholic counterparts. With a pop or a soda you would have at the kids table, the options out there weren't aimed at the modern human.

Barbet is a sparkling water brand that aims to put alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on a level playing field. With a strong attention to flavour, design, brand values and charitable donations to local causes, Barbet is a big-time brand to watch in the non-abv drink space.

How has the Mastercard x Pier Five Small Business Fund helped you?

With the fund, we've been able to be out in market doing samplings in stores. Having those 1 to 1 interactions with your customers is extremely important but also very expensive so that opportunity has been a game changer for us.


"I think the biggest thing that small business owners need is access; access to capital and access to information. The idea that you're going to know everything that is going to come with running a small business is a naive one. Being able to have an experience like this where we can tap into mentors who are there to help guide us and enable us to create our own path has been so impactful."


"I think the future of small businesses in Canada is creative and promising!"

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